Extruded parts in thermoplastics are used in most industries for a great varity of applications.

We supply hoses, tubes, spirals and profiles in numerous types of plastics world wide to markets such as:

We support each market with in-deepth know how on:

  • functionality
  • tolerances
  • chemisty
  • durability
  • environment
  • purity

Please contact us for specific information on markets and applications.

For more than 60 years we have served the pneumatic industry, especially distributors, both in Denmark and abroad.

The pneumatic market's requirements for hoses and spirals and their properties have become more and more varied.

We have continuously adapted our product range for these requirements and today we can supply an extremely well-developed and thoroughly tested range.

This includes a broad spread of technical and basic polymers such as polyamide and polyurethane.

Our customers count both local and international distributors of pneumatic equipment in the northern and central parts of Europe.


Our range of technical thermoplastic materials ensures a perfect match to a majority of the demand for hoses, tubes and profiles for automotive applications.

We offer registration of items in the IMDS material database as well as PPAP documentation.

We can supply hoses and tubes in accordance with following standards:

  • DIN 73378 and DIN 74324
  • SAE J 844 and J 1394
  • ISO 7628

Our range of hoses and tubes covers following grades:



Due to the diverse industrial requirements, the products to be processed there must fulfil an almost endless list of requirements.

Our products are applicable in all parts of industry such as heavy fabrication industry, precision engineering and the chemical industry.

Our detailed knowledge about the materials' possibilities and limitations ensures that our customers get the optimal solution considering practical as well as financial aspects.

Presently, we supply the following industries:

  • White goods
  • Off-shore
  • Chemistry
  • Construction and installation
  • Hydraulics
  • Sanitation
  • Fishery



In order to ensure optimal functionality for conveyor systems it is essential that the chain, which is often made of the plastic material POM (acetal), can be started and moved without application of much force.

Therefore the chain must run on a "rail" made of a low friction material. At the same time it is essential that the rail is durable and able to stand the impacts the system is exposed to. Impacts such as e.g. temperatures, chemicals, dirt etc.

It is possible to produce small "rails" (profiles) in the extrusion process and from processing pressured plates, while large, heavy constructions require the latter process.

We can supply a number of materials each picked out because of their ability to fully meet our customers' requirements for mechanical, thermical and chemical properties. The selection includes e.g.:

  • PA Alloy (PA6/HDPE)
  • PVDF
  • HDPE
  • POM

We are unable to supply items made of UHMW-PE as it is impossible to extrude this material.

Our cooperating partner, TEPLAST, Germany can supply pressured plates made of both PA Alloys (PA6/HDPE), also known as TCP, and UHMW-PE.

You can contact TEPLAST at or through us.




The medical and dental industries use many extruded hoses, profiles or other kinds of extruded subjects.

We have specialised in producing hard and soft products, which form parts of bigger units.

Given that we do not have clean room production facilities, the products will often be sterilised to the necessary extent, when the final assembly has taken place.

Present applications:

  • Multi hoses for dentist units
  • Pneumatic hoses for dairies
  • Tubes for hearing aids
  • Hoses for medicinal measuring and testing equipment

Please contact us for further information about the above products or any other task.


Our wide range of thermoplastics approved for the food industry guarantees that we can deliver a large number of products applicable for the food industry.

Our standard range includes materials which have been approved according to the European food regulations and the American FDA.

According to the EU regulation EC10/2011 we are registered and approved for the production of food contact materials.

Our production process and procedures are according to GMP (EC2023/2006).

The carefully selected range of grades offered for food contact fulfils the demands specified in EC1935/2004.

The products are supplied with a certificate according to article 15 in the EC 10/2011.

Our range covers:

  • HDPE
  • PA 11 FDA
  • PUR T98 FOOD




Knudsen Extrusion ApS specialises in producing conic tapes (taper tapes) to form the phase edge on the gypsum plate during production.

We produce the conic tape in lengths specified by the customer; typically up to 600 m and with a conic profile from approximately 0.5 mm up to 2.5 mm.

Our production range includes 2 types:

  • LDPE
  • PA 11 Super flex

We deliver to a number of the leading suppliers of gipsum plates world wide.


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